Process Improvement

Leverage Wilshire’s team of seasoned professionals to not only manage your project and keep it on track, but also provide deep workflow and technology expertise. Our team can provide advice for how to mitigate risks and navigate those challenges that will inevitably come up.

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We Improve Operations

Project Management & Optimization

Whether your organization is going through a new implementation, suffering from outdated workflows, or simply needs a set of expert hands, the Wilshire Group has you covered. We’re here to help you achieve and sustain performance – delivering what you want, when you need it.

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  • Implementations

    Ensure Your Revenue Cycle Experiences Limited Disruption and Thrives with Epic

  • Process Improvement

    Reduce Waste and Increase Effectiveness with Our Process Improvement Specialists

  • Department Initiatives

    Tackle Your To-do List With a Trusted Advisor by Your Side

  • Assessments

    Look under the Hood of Your Workflows and System Build to Identify Improvements


Involve Wilshire staff in your new Epic implementation, add-on module implementation, rollout, or affiliate extension. Our teams have experience with the following:

  • 1 Project Planning
  • 2 Project Management
  • 3 System Build
  • 4 Parallel Revenue Cycle and Claims Testing
  • 5 Operational Readiness
  • 6 Post-live Stabilization
  • 7 Change Management

Process Improvement

Lead process improvement teams to solve a problem or achieve a target outcome. Coach internal teams on methodology to build a culture of continuous improvement.

  • 1 Document Workflows
  • 2 Define the Problem
  • 3 Identify Waste
  • 4 Develop Refined Workflows
  • 5 Implement Tests of Change
  • 6 Manage Change
  • 7 Monitor Results

Department Initiatives

Prioritize, manage, and execute departmental projects and process improvement work.

  • 1 Implementation
  • 2 Workflow Design
  • 3 System Build and Testing
  • 4 Vendor Selection
  • 5 Project Management


Review current workflows, processes, and system build to ensure optimal performance, compliance, and financial viability. We combine end user interviews and observation with detailed system build and charge reviews to provide you a list of prioritized recommendations. Assessments are designed to meet your specific needs. Example assessments include:

  • 1 Full Revenue Cycle Optimization
  • 2 Professional or Hospital Charging
  • 3 Registration Workflow and Quality
  • 4 Patient Flow
  • 5 Coding Workflows and System Integration
  • 6 Denials Management
  • 7 Patient Financial Experience

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Our Service Line leaders will take the time to learn about your challenges and develop a unique approach to solving your most pressing issues.

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