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Finally, a plan to improve your financial future. Stand on the shoulders of those that have come before you. Look at our library of proven processes and projects and tailor to meet your needs.

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With Wilshire you don’t need to recreate the wheel developing a project from scratch. Our team of professionals has honed methods to identify and address opportunities quickly, directly, and permanently. Maximize your investment by leveraging one of our pre-packaged solutions and modify to fit your needs.

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  • Quick HITs

    Short-term, fixed-price projects with a clear ROI.

  • Wilshire Wins

    Unique projects to improve performance and increase value.

Quick HITs

Short-term, fixed-price projects to help you realize benefits faster. Projects typically last 4-6 months and offer 3-5X return on investment.

  • 1 Front End Collections

    Collect more money up front to improve your bottom line. Our project focuses on common payment collection scenarios and utilizes a combination of technology and coaching to empower your staff to collect prior to service. Whether it be copays, pre-payments, or previous balances, we work with you to develop repeatable processes and measurable results.

  • 2 Registration and Authorization Quality

    Stop revenue cycle denials and decrease Candidate for Billing (CFB). Our Registration and Authorization Quality Quick HIT will maximize registration and authorization completeness, efficiency and accuracy. This will reduce Access-owned CFB and denials, while increasing staff productivity and autonomy.

  • 3 Clinical Charge Capture

    Don’t let revenue slip away. Clinical charge capture projects will identify and make the most of facility and professional revenue streams, improve staff accuracy, efficiency, and satisfaction. We’ll focus on recovering revenue quickly and delivering an immediate impact to your bottom line.

Wilshire Wins

Projects designed to deliver an immediate impact with lasting returns.

  • 1 Clin-to-Fin

    Recover lost revenue due to workflow gaps and system deficiencies. Leverage our team of revenue integrity and clinical experts to maximize the integration of your clinical and financial modules with our end-to-end charging assessments and targeted improvements.

  • 2 Compassionate Collections

    We help your organization thrive in a market with increasing patient responsibility by teaching front-end staff how to ask for payment in a compassionate and respectful manner.

  • 3 Telehealth Scheduling & Billing

    Find a balanced telehealth approach to support patient demand, increase visit volumes, and restore your organization’s financial health.  Work with Wilshire to build sustainable revenue cycle workflows to support your organization’s telehealth program.

  • 4 Touchless Patient Arrival

    Improve your patient experience by modernizing arrival workflows leveraging technology you already have. Increase self-service options and limit unnecessary in-person contact to improve patient and staff safety, increase patient volumes, and restore your organization’s financial health.

  • 5 Financial Transparency & Estimates

    The CMS Final Rule on Pricing Transparency is now in effect.

  • 6 Patient-Centered Customer Service

    Increase collections and improve your patient financial experience by focusing on your financial counseling and customer service workflows. High deductibles and economic challenges highlight the importance of supporting your patients’ holistic health. Your customer service and financial assistance teams are often interacting with patients during challenging periods both financially and emotionally. Work with Wilshire to equip your teams with clear strategies, expectations, and structures that will enable them to support your patients to the greatest extent possible.

  • 7 Flexible Workforce

    Healthcare facilities across the country are questioning who needs to be in the office, how can we work effectively from our homes, and what preparations are needed now to prepare for changes in the future. Work with Wilshire to position your organization for success not only by preparing for industry and societal shifts, but actively determining what the future holds for your Revenue Cycle teams.

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