October 28, 2022

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Gretchen Case

Do the end of the year CPT updates make you anxious? Are you wishing there was an easier way to make all of the required changes? Can you imagine a tool that helps you create the updates to your chargemaster and also identifies all areas that need changes in the clinical applications? Well, search no further! Wilshire, in partnership with Claim Capital, has developed a solution for you with our Procedure Automation Network, fondly known as PAN.

We often see clients with pristine chargemasters, or Epic EAPs, however, they don’t integrate well into the clinical applications for charge triggering. Think of charge code updates for cardiac cath lab procedures that need to be updated in Cupid or minor procedure CPT code updates that need to be switched out in ambulatory clinics. Wilshire has a two-pronged approach that marries optimal operational functions with Clinical & Revenue Enterprise Workgroups (CREW) and the use of PAN.

Procedure Automation Network

We designed PAN with the operational end-user in mind. Using standard Epic exports such as EAP, LPF, FLO, and ERX, PAN creates imports that can be used to update the EAP itself as well as reports that identify all areas in the clinical build that needs to be updated as well. No more excel spreadsheets with long lists of codes, cross-referencing all the EAPs and multiple cost centers. PAN not only can identify the EAPs to updated (deleted, added, replaced, changed) but can immediately link all required cost centers in most scenarios.

We know that every good Revenue Integrity professional is always looking for lost revenue. The return on investment, or ROI, for PAN comes in the efficiencies gained by automating and streamlining processes related to these updates. This allows your RI teams to continue their focus on those areas and not drop everything in the final months of the year to work on these updates. Additionally, PAN ensures the accuracy and compliance with hard-coded CPTs which mitigates billing compliance risks.

To learn more about PAN, give us a call! If you want to hear more about PAN please listen to our Wilshire IT RevCast (podcast), season 1 episode 8 on Wilshire Wednesday November 16th.

Gretchen Case, Managing Partner, g.case@thewilshiregroup.net (310) 251-6116

Gretchen Case

Managing Partner

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