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Revenue Cycle

What We Do

The Wilshire Group evaluates, improves and manages all steps of the revenue cycle from patient arrival through account completion, creating simplified, integrated revenue cycle workflows for our customers. Our proven work methods, tested process improvement methods, and knowledge of industry-leading technology will allow you to achieve predictable and measurable results that exceed your current cash position.

Why You Need Us

Today, hospitals are challenged by ever-increasing operating costs, uncollected revenues and issues retaining staff in key Revenue Cycle departments. These issues are prevalent due to inefficiencies in revenue cycle processes and misalignment of technology, process workflow design and personnel in the total solution. Revenue Cycle Management performance can be significantly enhanced through objective assessment, innovative improvement planning and implementation of effective information management systems.

The Wilshire Approach

The Wilshire Group takes a comprehensive approach that evaluates, improves, and manages all components in obtaining patient encounter information and applying it to ensure patient safety, while creating simplified, integrated workflows designed to optimize and expedited reimbursement.

Our Support Specialties

Brief Description of these specialties

Operational Assessments

We perform operational assessments for your healthcare organizations revenue cycle program that assess compliance, efficiency and financial viability.

Interim Operational Management

When a hospital or health system is in utter chaos, it is often necessary to retain a seasoned interim healthcare management director to lead the organization back into calm waters. We have a team of experienced revenue cycle directors who have the maturity and experience to provide this form of extraordinary leadership. The Wilshire Group offers a wide range of expertise to help your organization navigate any operational or strategic challenge requiring prompt resolution. Moreover, every interim manager in The Wilshire Group works closely with you to ensure that you receive exactly the hospital management services you requested.

Workflow Redesign

Inefficient processes and associated workflows waste time and money. The Wilshire Group will work with you utilizing our years of experience and expertise to analyze and design processes which will result in a dramatic improvement in throughput, accuracy and staff satisfaction. We will analyze current revenue cycle workflows in your business processes, and recommend changes to improve operational performance and patient satisfaction.

Denials Management

A chief concern of healthcare organizations today is decreased claims reimbursement due to claim denials. To combat this concern denials management has become common practice in many healthcare groups, but the challenge of how to accurately and quickly identify the sources of the denials through comprehensive analysis still remains. The Wilshire Group can work with you to analyze and track your denials management operations. We want to help you combat denials and improve your organizations cash flow as quickly as possible.

Litigation Support

The Wilshire Group specializes in litigation issues regarding all aspects of the revenue cycle in healthcare organizations. Our professionals have all personally held key director level positions in the healthcare industry, and have dealt with litigation issues for years. We are industry knowledgeable in all areas, from contract negotiations and operations to risk analysis and claims evaluation. With our experience, we are able to assist with litigation support by reviewing medical records, analyzing and evaluating medical and administrative events, and addressing standard of care.