March 5, 2019

Using Data to Improve Provider EHR Efficiency

Morgan McClure

Provider burnout hovers near the top of every Healthcare IT feed lately. After 15 years in this space, these headlines echo so many of the conversations I’ve had with medical staff about EHR.

Dr. Atul Gawande’s New Yorker piece “Why Doctor’s Hate Their Computers” offers a thorough explanation recounting actual provider impact, and then forecasting a shift toward a new patient-provider partnership.  Dr. Gawande suggests an era where patients take a firm grasp of understanding their health record and recognize that providers are simultaneously learning a new digital toolset. Technology is touching everyone, and the basic construct of a doctor’s visit has changed. Certainly, our expectations as patients will adapt given adequate time.

Nevertheless, the journey toward a new partnership will be a long one, and [because it’s March] as the old Irish saying goes, “Two shorten the road.”

The Wilshire Group is well-versed to partner with your Medical Staff, and to help develop a multi-pronged approach to maximize EHR efficiency that will give back an hour or more to your physicians every day.


Identify & Measure

  • We help you leverage Epic’s efficiency tools to develop a data-driven improvement strategy. Using evidence from actual EMR utilization creates benchmarks for identifying improvement markers. Furthermore, the results target specific opportunities for learning.

Tailor Advanced Teaching

  • We help you develop an education strategy that involves acute interventions, along with training tailored to skill and proficiency. Your staff will gain general efficiencies, become familiar with advanced tools, and also get individualized “What’s in It for Me” questions answered.

Sustain & Monitor

  • We rely on a methodology for persistent improvement supported by recurring metrics and integrating your service leaders to seamlessly incorporate this aspect into their scope.

Don’t embark on your journey to improving provider efficiency alone. The Wilshire Group has decades of operational expertise and Epic knowledge to not only initiate success, but to help you achieve it quickly and pave the way for happier and more efficient providers.

Morgan McClure

Senior Strategic Advisor

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