January 9, 2023

New Year’s Resolutions for 2023: What are your goals?

Matt Perron

Happy New Year from the Wilshire Group!

Now, I’m normally not one for New Year’s resolutions, but I also don’t normally have a blog post due the first week of January and no idea what to write about. So here goes nothing!

First and foremost, New Year’s resolutions aren’t magic; you don’t just think about something and then be able to automatically change it. They take hard work and dedication. That’s true whether your resolutions are personal or professional. That doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable to think hard about what you want to achieve in the new year. Goal setting is critical to success and whether it’s at home or at work, having something to strive towards makes that ultimate success even more fulfilling.

So here goes nothing – a few personal and professional goals for me that I hope can be meaningful for you, too.

#1 – Take Time to Think

As part of my new role as Director of Innovation at The Wilshire Group, I quickly realized that new ideas don’t just materialize. You need to carve time out of your day for thinking or brainstorming or just letting your mind process all the thoughts in your head. Additionally, take the time to ask others what they are thinking about or working on. Sometimes the best ideas only come out when someone else gives you that final piece that unlocks things for you. I really want to collaborate in 2023 to see where we can take The Wilshire Group.

#2 – Get in Shape

Of course, this is as cliché as it gets for New Year’s resolutions but it’s that way for a reason! A healthy body creates a healthy mind (see above). Professionally, this means to really focus on my development. Things like taking more time to read industry information or contributing meaningfully to discussions on NAHAM emails and blogs. Learning a new skill or Excel trick. There are lots of ways to keep in shape professionally and keep getting better. It’s critical to personal and professional growth.

Let’s be honest though, my wife and I are taking a weeklong bike trip across Greece in the summer so if I don’t start working out, I may not make it.

#3 – Try Something Out of my Comfort Zone

For my entire healthcare career, I’ve primarily focused on Patient Access IT and I’d really love to try something new this year. That could be a focus on a different part of the revenue cycle or maybe an operational role. Being well-rounded not only makes you more knowledgeable but also expands what you can work on. It keeps things fresh and exciting and creates a mindset of saying yes to things that aren’t necessarily in your wheelhouse, which can really stimulate personal growth.

#4 – Be Kind

Short and Sweet. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at this one but there is always room for improvement. Kindness goes a long way in being successful and I hope for more of that in 2023!

There’s my list so far! Like any good list, I’m sure I’ll add to it as we go but that’s what has got me excited for 2023. I’d love to hear more about what you all have on your 2023 resolution list. Any projects or goals at work that you want to really focus on? Any personal goals you want to tackle in the upcoming year? Send them to me at m.perron@thewilshiregroup.net or get connected at The Wilshire Group. Nothing keeps you on track like a good accountability buddy. Happy New Year!

Matt Perron

Manager, Patient Access

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