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At the Wilshire Group, one of our primary goals is maximizing value and mitigating risk in your revenue cycle. Achieving that goal begins with optimized and aligned front-end operations, processes, and technology. Whether it be centralizing functions, aligning workflow to best practice, adopting new technologies, implementing reporting and accountability structures, or any other strategic initiative, the Wilshire Group has the people, approach, and experience to help you drive change at your organization.

Services and Approach

The Wilshire Group is dedicated to a business and support model that will yield lasting results for your organizational initiatives. We employ cost-effective methodologies, leveraging some of the brightest minds and most impressive people you will encounter, in order to help your programs reach their maximum potential. We know that you set the bar high for your organization and staff, but achieving the outcomes you seek isn’t always straightforward. Our assessments, collaborative approach, and prowess for fine-tuned project management and delivery can get you there. We pride ourselves on partnering with organizations large and small to set and accomplish goals, reach new heights, and push the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare.

We offer many solutions to improve your patient access suite ranging from focused optimization projects to large transformations. We perform assessments, develop and execute on project plans and support you in achieving your operational goals. We work with you to clearly define goals and benchmark the metrics related to that work. We don’t just deliver the work, we help you measure its impact and value. Below are some of our primary areas of focus:

  • Registration Process Improvement – Streamline your revenue cycle with efficient, intuitive front-end process
  • Real Time Eligibility – Automate real time eligibility to improve accuracy and reduce manual process
  • Front End Payment Collection – File your benefits data automatically and increase your collections
  • Authorizations and Referral Patterns – Develop and end-to-end process for Referrals while analyzing how referrals enter and exit your system
  • Patient Self-Service Functions – Empower your patients by developing online scheduling and registration processes
  • Operational Transformation – Align to best practice and improve staffing models to increase overall efficiency
  • Scheduling Accuracy and Utilization – Maximize provider utilization and increase accessibility for your patients

To learn more about what we may be able to help you achieve, or to express interest in a plan tailored to your needs, contact f.jenkins@thewilshiregroup.net and m.perron@thewilshiregroup.net.

Our Support Specialties

Brief Description of these specialties

Registration and Authorization Quality Transformation

An efficient revenue cycle begins with optimized and aligned front-end operations and processes. Whether it be centralizing functions, aligning workflow to best practice, implementing reporting and accountability structures, or any other strategic initiative, the Wilshire Group has the experience to help you drive change at your organization. Our focus is a complete revenue cycle improvement and that begins with optimizing patient access workflows.

What impact you can make with Wilshire:

  • Decreased registration and authorization denials
  • Increased staff efficiency and autonomy
  • Decreased Patient Access CFB
  • Improved communication across the revenue cycle
  • Decreased registration times
Front-End Payment Collection

The Wilshire Group focuses on common payment collection scenarios and utilizes a combination of technology and coaching to empower your staff to collect prior to service. Whether it be copays, pre-payments, or previous balances, we work with you to develop repeatable processes and measurable results.

What impact you can make with Wilshire:

  • Increased Front-End Payment Collection Dollars and Percentages
  • Decreased Bad Debt
  • Increased self-pay coverage identification
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction
  • Improved accountability in payment collection
  • Management mentoring and coaching for continuous improvement
  • Enhanced analytics and consumable data
  • Improved change management
Patient and Referral Leakage

Our project focuses on helping you further understand your market and referral patterns, levering your technology to facilitate referral capture, and aligning your organization’s referral and order management processes to best practice.

What impact you can make with Wilshire:

  • Reduction in patient and referral leakage
  • Increased referral capture and conversion
  • Decreased scheduling lag times
  • Decreased cancellation rates
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Improved provider satisfaction
  • Management mentoring and coaching for continuous improvement
  • Enhanced analytics and consumable data
  • Improved change management
  • Improved accountability