Clinical Documentation Integrity

The Wilshire Group approaches Clinical Documentation Integrity with a uniquely deep combination of clinical expertise and technical skill. Like you, we are quality-focused and patient-centered. Our strategy can take your organization with complete confidence all the way from basic revenue enhancement to complete health record integrity.

Every healthcare organization faces formidable challenges with EHR implementation, physician engagement, measuring and interpreting CDI results, optimizing CDI staffing and establishing appropriate financial support for long term quality improvements. The unique interplay of systems, processes and resources at your facility can make keeping pace with technology difficult. Even small discrepancies between clinical verbiage and actual coding can result in serious revenue loss and impact quality profiles over time.

The Wilshire Group team has a holistic understanding of how to drive increased quality in every documentation stage from the operating room to the accounting department. This knowledge allows us to provide laser focus on your specific challenges while never losing sight of the big picture.

So your systems run efficiently. So your processes run smoothly. And your resources work for you, not against you.

Long term, we believe that the best strategy is to improve documentation across the board and achieve a higher multiplier on services provided. No matter what CDI challenges you face, we are well prepared to help you meet them head-on.