To Simple Visit Code, or Not?

Do you ever wonder how you could decrease your coders’ workloads? Have you heard other organizations talk about simple visit coding accounts? Or do you simply wish there was a way to automatically code basic visits?

At The Wilshire Group, we have HIM consultants with years worth of experience implementing simple visit coding (SVC). Consideration for this coding workflow should be given to more simplistic accounts (lab, pathology, radiology, recurring series, etc.), removing the need for human intervention. This can have a major, positive impact on your coding department and overall revenue cycle by:

  • Reducing the volume of accounts that require manual coding by coders
  • Allowing your skilled coders to focus their time and attention on more complicated cases that require coder intervention
  • Final coding a high volume of low dollar accounts, which can rather quickly result in substantial revenue cycle impact
  • Reducing coding lag/backlog and decreasing discharge not final billed (DNFB)

Understanding the impact of implementing SVC on your existing system setup, workflows and the IT contribution required for build and testing is critical for a successful transition. Simply “flipping the switch” could result in improperly coded accounts, gaps or overlap in your coding workqueues, and confusion for your coders.

Our Epic certified HIM consultants know which areas impact simple visit coding and how it fits into the larger picture of your organization’s revenue cycle. At Wilshire, we will develop a testing and implementation plan to ensure that your simple visit coding is successful.

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