October 27, 2020

Revenue Cycle IT-Operations Collaboration, Small Adjustments Big Results

Brandon Hall

In July, I celebrated my 5-year anniversary with the The Wilshire Group.

This is a milestone that means a lot personally and professionally to me. It’s also a mark where I like to reflect on the challenges and accomplishments along the way. Over my 4 client engagements in that time, I’ve spent most of time living in the space between Operations and IT, helping translate and guide groups to achieve their goals. This “in-between” is frequently a challenge for large organizations to manage effectively and where the people at Wilshire are uniquely positioned to help our clients.


As I look back, I’ve noticed consistent themes as indicators for overall success. Here are the top 5 “little things” I see that will not only improve the IT-Operations working relationship; it will help fast track solution delivery.

  1. Quality > Quantity: We’ve all been there, we have a go-live, roll-out, upgrade, or any other initiative that involves testing. One of the first expectations that is set is that we need 1000s of test cases. There is a time and a place for large volume, but the testing that involves direct operational involvement, needs to be more qualitative in nature. Focus on your bread and butter scenarios and double your time commitment with test planning. Don’t lose sleep making an edit for the twice a year ultra-headache claims.
  2. Examples Yield Solutions: This could almost be an Outlook Automatic Reply (OOO) to ticket submissions without examples. Let’s admit it, we’ve all logged a request without an example before. We should all work to avoid the unnecessary back and forth and lost time by making sure expectations are set that each ticket needs 3-5 examples. Also, let’s work together to use the tools available to us to find more examples (WQ, filters, reports). I’m also looking at you too, IT, it’s okay to help your counterparts out by finding examples!
  3. Teach Operations How to IT: No, no, I don’t mean giving your Operational team admin access; everyone would agree to maintain some separation! I’ve recently worked to help Operational team members understand how claim values are populated (NPIs, Tax IDs, and provider addresses). We took it a step further with targeted Report and even Record Viewer training, really connecting the dots on records and items. For the right operational person this will pay immediate dividends with their system understanding and improved quality with IT ticket submission.
  4. Who Changed What?!?: When was the last time you logged in and realized your access changed, or a new edit spiked right into the top 3? There is beauty with shared records, it can help with IT’s maintenance approach, but the fear lies in the unintended consequences with routine changes. All organization have change control protocols, but is the communication reaching all impacted users? This is one area where overcommunication is absolutely necessary.
  5. Don’t Sleep on Cash Posting: Payment Posting is a common area that is overlooked for process improvement. In most cases, clients are underutilizing the technical solutions they already have. What would it take to increase your electronic posting ratio another 1-3+%? There are likely a variety of optimization projects just waiting for your team to implement! Please check out my previous blog on 5 Strategies to Elevate your Payment Posting Department for ideas.


While the items above aren’t typically defined in a project or statement of work, these are just a few of the “little things” you get when you partner with The Wilshire Group. We have a mindset of teaching our clients how to fish in unfamiliar waters. The little things add up, and really set our clients up for continued success, even after we are gone.

Do you need help improving your Revenue Cycle? We are here to be your partner in Revenue Cycle improvement. Send us a message or leave a comment and see how we can help you.

Brandon Hall

Senior Strategic Advisor

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