Finally, A Plan To Improve Your Hospital and Clinics’ Financial Future

Improved Metrics | Improved Efficiencies | Improved Financial Performance

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Quick HITs

Short, Targeted, Performance Focused Projects

With team members averaging over 20 years of Operational and Epic experience, we’ve honed methods to identify and address opportunities quickly, directly and permanently, to maximize facility and professional revenue streams and improve staff accuracy, efficiency and satisfaction.

The Wilshire Group Approach

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A Quick HIT That Comes With Lasting Value

You can’t afford projects that take months…even years. We are committed to delivering you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Here are a few Quick Hits that can deliver results today:

Front End Collections

Our project focuses on common payment collection scenarios and utilizes a combination of technology and coaching to empower your staff to collect prior to service. Whether it be copays, pre-payments, or previous balances, we work with you to develop repeatable processes and measurable results.

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Registration and Authorization Quality

Our Registration and Authorization Quality Quick HIT will maximize registration and authorization completeness, efficiency and accuracy. This will reduce Access-owned Candidate for Billing (CFB) and denials, while increasing staff productivity and autonomy.

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Clinical Charge Capture

Clinical charge capture projects will identify and make the most of facility and professional revenue streams, improve staff accuracy, efficiency, and satisfaction. We’ll focus on recovering revenue quickly and delivering an immediate impact to your bottom line.

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